Custom Steering Wheel

Rolls-Royce 1972 Silver Shadow gets Personalized (video)

by Rau July 8, 2012

Based on our extreme before and after photos, some may think William Rau Automotive Woodwork only does makeovers on wood that’s badly damaged, but this is not true. We often work on wood that looks almost as good as it did when it was brand new. Some owners grow tired of their wood, some want something new, or on the rare occasion, they have another car and they want the woods to match. The wood from this Silver Shadow (later named the Silver Wraith) with the long wheelbase was in good condition but the owner wanted a personalized interior with more visually interesting wood treatment…

Range Rover Week Day 1: Range Rover Evoque Custom Steering Wheel

by Rau July 9, 2011

A great way to make a Range Rover Evoque your Range Rover Evoque is with a custom steering wheel. With our enormous selection of woods, leathers, and carbon fibers your steering wheel can be as unique as you are…