April 2013

Mulsanne Steering Wheel made with Sapelli Pommele (video)

by Rau April 23, 2013

If you want a new Bentley Mulsanne with Sapelli Pommele trim, and a matching steering wheel to match, Bentley will ask you to select a different wood. That’s when you contact us, to get a wheel like this…

Rolls-Royce Custom Pre-Airbag Steering Wheel (video)

by Rau April 9, 2013

William Rau shows a custom Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit steering wheel. This steering wheel has a unique design, and is just one example of the beautiful custom pre-airbag steering wheels that have been customized by William Rau…

Rau Custom Picnic Tables (video)

by Rau April 9, 2013

Over the years, we’ve become experts in picnic table repair and fabrication, and this selection of picnic tables is a sample of the many picnic tables that we’ve created over the years…