November 2010

Voisin – New Wood for a Classic French Beauty

by Rau November 30, 2010

1934 Voisin C27 Grand Sport Cabriolet with special coachwork by Joseph Figoni. Joseph Figoni arrived in Paris as Giuseppe, a three year old with his family from Piacenza Italy in 1897. He developed from his teen years as an apprentice in a wagon building shop to the status of an artist in metalwork by his […]

New Rolls-Royce Ghost Wood Repair

by Rau November 22, 2010

Rolls Royce (RR) is famous the world over for its superior level of customer service. The following real-life example illustrates this point, and how Rau was approached and able to facilitate a win-win solution. The RR Ghost was first offered to the public in 2009.  The “Ghost” nameplate is named in honor of the Silver […]

Custom Wood Steering Wheels Now Available with Leather Colors to Match Interior Leather Trim for Range Rover models – from William Rau

by Rau November 10, 2010

Word has it, there is unrest amongst Range Rover enthusiasts, who love their cars, but would like to have color options for the leather on the steering wheels. As it is and has been, the only leather color available is generic black.  Not bad if you have a black interior, but what if you have […]

Not Your Ordinary Steering Wheel

by Rau November 4, 2010

Remember the red Ferrari in Bueller’s Day Off that crashed through a glass wall and landed at the bottom of a dirt slope? Thankfully it was only a stunt car spruced up to look like a 1961 250 GT California Spyder. I always find the sight of a damaged Ferrari (even the stunt models) unnerving. […]