Published Articles

Modern Lady Article: “As the Wheel Turns”

by Rau October 4, 2012

A customer was so happy with his new steering wheel that he wrote an article for the “Modern Lady” Magazine…

Modern Lady Article: Interchangeable Parts

by Rau June 25, 2012

The development of interchangeable parts is partly what made the Industrial Revolution so revolutionary. Interchangeable parts are very important in the automotive industry. The latest “Modern Lady” article written by William Rau explains why replacing a wood trim part is rarely the best option…

Modern Lady Article: Picnic Table Repair Overview

by Rau April 17, 2012

When we say Picnic Tables, we’re not talking about tables down at the park, we’re talking about the folding tables in the back of Rolls-Royce automobiles. We are proud to have an article in the current issue of “Modern Lady” covering the topic of picnic table repair…