What the People are saying about Rau


"...I also sold my '84 Silver Spur. Got a price  way over anything I've seen sold in the last year. The buyer fell in love with your steering wheel and had to have the car!  It really did make that car special."
- Warren D.


"I would like to begin by stating that we are very pleased with the work
performed and will look forward to establishing a long-term relationship
after seeing the quality of this repair being to the highest standard."
- Bentley Service Manager


One happy customer wrote an article in "Modern Lady"
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"...The timber one looks superb and I am so delighted with it. I guess you are used to accolades, but let me contribute my view that it just finishes off the interior perfectly....Thank you so much once again for your excellent workmanship, friendly attentions, professionalism and truly great product I will enjoy for years to come"
- Ian S.


"The steering wheel for our Corniche just arrived and it is magnificent! Of course I would expect nothing less from your company but just wanted you to know how pleased we are with your work...it will certainly add great beauty to our car's interior. I have said to friends that your steering wheels are what Rolls Royce should have put into their cars from the beginning" - Douglas H.


"I received the Bentley knob today and what can I say, it's absolutely
perfect. You do amazing work. I look forward to working with you again."

- Al M.


"Thanks again for such fine work...The car will be leaving RI to travel to California the 1st week of January for the Carroll Shelby 85th Birthday Bash party. One of 100 cars to attend..." - Roger S.


"I've had my Bentley Continental GTC back for a couple of weeks and I can't tell you how pleased I am for the work you did on my steering wheel.  You matched the existing burled chestnut wood exactly; and the workmanship is impeccable.  I could not be happier.
Thank you so very much for the wonderful job you did and you can rest assured that I will tell everyone that I know about your good work."
- Dewayne H.


"Our apologies for not writing sooner to compliment you on the outstanding fabrication of the wood steering wheel for our Silver Spur...It is truly a work of art and adds so much richness to the interior of our automobile. The inlays are a delight to the eye and the wheel feels so pleasing to the touch. Really, Rolls Royce should have had you make steering wheels for all of their automobiles. The color and burl are a beautiful match to the existing wood in the car and the black leather installed on the back does look, as you said, so much better that the original black plastic material on the former wheel....I'm sure we will enjoy the wheel for many years to come......it is a stunning addition to the interior of our car."
- Shawn E.


- Charles C.


"The new wheel looks great!  Thanks very much. 
I'll be in touch when I'm ready to do my next Corniche."

- Bryan H.


"I've just got one thing to say about the Shelby wheel pictures.. great, wounderful, awesome, and outstanding job!! I believe you have totally captured the appearance, soul, and patina within this rare shelby accessary. It is certainly obvious to me that you are a rare breed of craftsman who takes outstanding prided in his work. For that I truly thank you, and  cannot wait to afix this beauty to my '66 GT-350 Hertz Shelby stead."
- Jim B.


"By the way, goods arrived, really well done!" (Sport steering wheel and interior parts)
- Fiorenzo O.


I have a small collection of classic cars.  Currently I am restoring a S2 Flying Spur by Mulliner, a LHD.   I would like to buy a wooden steering wheel (WALNUT BURL), and replace the original black. I did some research, sent a couple of emails (more than a dozen) and all of them pint-point you as the "global" expert on that matter.
All the best from sunny Athens,
- Nikkolas B.


"...the new steering wheel is great. Had it installed this weekend. Really helps bring the LR3 up to a new level.  Landrover should buy these from you too..."
- Zane S.


"I received my steering wheel and shifter knob today, and I scarcely have words to describe my delight with them. You have succeeded in matching perfectly the color, graining and finish sheen of the wood in my automobile; It looks as though it came from the same tree that was used for my RR Sport.  This is astonishing, considering that you had only a photograph for guidance.You are, sir, truly an artist.  I hope that one day I will have the good fortune of seeing one of your concours creations in person.  Please accept my most sincere and grateful thanks for your cordiality, personal attention and exquisite workmanship."
- Lloyd L.


"Just a quick note. The final product is just fabulous! Terrific job. Thanks
again." (Mustang carbon fiber steering wheel)

Roger S.


"Bill, the wood steering wheel and shift knob you installed in my Bentley
(Flying Spur 2009) is nicer than I could have imagined!!!!
Thank you very
much "
- Dr. C


The Claro Walnut panels (Range Rover 2009) look awesome, insanely expensive,
but worth every penny. Mahalo for your work.


I have been exclusively recommending you for all woodwork issues for many years. So many people say, "you mean I have to send it all the way for CALIFORNIA? Isn't there a place locally?" My reply is that they have to carefully pack the wood and send it off anyway. Why not a nice next-day plane ride to CA? Jeez!

I tell them also that you have never done a piece for me or my former clients that has failed. That alone is reason enough to use your services. So, with an unbroken track record, and considering the royal pain that it is to remove and reinstall the woodwork, and that I don't have to babysit your firm, because y'all know what you're doing, YES, I recommend you! And I am thrilled to have somewhere to refer people.

When the mechanical work is done and my 1998 Bentley Brooklands R LWB Saloon goes to the body shop, I will send the woodwork to you. And there is a lot of it. Veneered doors, seat switches, picnic tables and all done in grey stained bird's eye maple, with a tiger stripe, no less. The sun visor mirror covers will be a feat to remove alone!
- Woody R.

As usual you did a great job refinishing the picnic tray. I will definitely use you again and the distance is not an issue. Thanks for the great customer service!
- Rolls-Royce Vancouver, Andrew


Over these many years, we have used your company for work on multiple Rolls-Royce and Bentley Motorcars. The repair / refinish work has been amazing in the quality of finish. I know
we have sent you a few pieces that were not "complete" and yet you have been able to work your magic and make them whole. When our customers have seen the finished product in their vehicle, they cannot believe that it is their wood brought back to life. Every customer has been totally satisfied with the finished product. They have commented about the rapid turn around time of the job from start to finish. Well Done.
- Bentley Dealer, Bob M.


Not only has your work been satisfactory, it has exceeded my owners' expectations each and every time! I would highly recommend Rau Restoration to all Rolls-Royce or Bentley owners and enthusiasts for all of their wood working needs - Bentley Pittsburgh.
- Lou B.