Custom Bentley Continental Flying Spur Speed Steering Wheel in Olive Ash Wood – for Qatar

by Rau on August 3, 2009

in Accessories

Qatar may be an oil and gas rich nation but where will its sporting Bentley customers go for a sophisticated woodwork service?

Los Angeles, California!

Our story begins in Doha at the desk of Mr. Khanfer, whose business specializes in meeting the wishes of the area’s wealthy clientele. His client had purchased a Bentley Flying Spur Speed and was searching for a custom wood GT Speed steering wheel to match his interior woodwork. The wood was olive ash, a light colored wood with a wild and free spirited grain pattern that is highly effective with certain leather combinations. However, there was no such steering wheel in the known universe.

After some collaboration with Qatar, we realized the car owner was having too much fun with his car to park it for some weeks while we did the custom work on his wheel in the US. The email text read:

“Dear Rau,
Sorry for delay.
My client refuse to stop the car and give me the wheel, so you can supply wood-work with new wheel…”

Can you blame him?

Beautiful Olive Ash GT Speed three piece wood steering wheel

Mr. Khanfer emailed the VIN # and wired funds with the instructions for us to purchase a second steering wheel that would undergo the transformation. We did so through our local Bentley dealership and it arrived within a few weeks from the factory in England with the exact leather combination.

Incidentally, over the years we have worked with worldwide Bentley dealerships who in turn work with the Bentley factory to fulfill customer requests – kudos across the board to all we have dealt with, it has been a very efficient and professional relationship.

We proceeded to make the wood wheel for this customer. Again, it was in olive ash, a wood apparently growing in demand with Bentley enthusiasts around the world.

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At William Rau we specialize in custom work. A steering wheel enhancement like this takes us about two weeks to complete, if we have made it previously and depending on our work schedule. More involved jobs may take 4 to 5 weeks. Key of course is locating a suitable wood match to the car interior should we not find it in our inventory. Over the years we have established a large number of resources to satisfy the most demanding customer’s needs.

We made wood GT Speed wheel using Olive Ash too prior to this one. The next GT Speed wheel is using an exotic Amboyna Burl.

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