Mercedes-Benz Week (day 1)

by Rau on August 20, 2011

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Mercedes-Benz Week MOD MONDAY!

After the success of Range Rover week, we decided to do another special week, a week to one of the most popular brand of luxury automobiles on the planet, Mercedes-Benz.

For many people, when they think of luxury imports the first thing that comes to mind is Mercedes-Benz; perhaps it’s the history, maybe it’s the legendary quality, it could be the emblem, but whatever it is, Mercedes-Benz is a special brand. The brand traces its roots all the way back to 1886 when Karl Benz patented the first petro powered stagecoach. With a history longer and than all other automobile manufacturer in existence today, a legacy of reliability and elegance, it’s no wonder why so many people love this brand.

It was difficult to decide what to start Mercedes-Benz week off with, but it was suddenly easy when the name “Mod Monday” came to mind. It would be a great time to show off some of the Mercedes-Benz interiors that we have modified, or customized, over the years.

SL500 that we customized. The interior was an exciting chestnut burl from the factory, possibly one of the first production automobiles to offer chestnut burl as an interior option. We modified the center console and steering wheel to match the factory interior. The Steering wheel has wood on the underside of the top of the wheel much like the CL600, this is a very difficult mod, but it looks good.

1999 SL500

1999 SL500 center console







CL500 This Mercedes-Benz CL500 had a bit a major mod. It went from Factory walnut to this exciting quilted maple, color-matched to the exterior of the car. It took a lot of work to get the wood to match the exterior finish color, but the results are spectacular.

CL500 Quilted Maple

CL500 Quilted Maple

CL500 Drivers Side Door












SL600 Here's a SL600 that is way beyond what the factory offered. A rap artist with a unique sense of style ordered this unique finish. A purple interior isn’t a popular option, while it’s probably not everyone’s cup of tea, but it's just another example of how we will work with customers to get any look they can come up with. With the variety of woods, leathers, carbon fibers and various finish options available, an interior can be modified to fit anyone’s style.








If you want to see more Mods come back for more Mercedes-Benz Week. That's all for Mod Monday, tomorrow is 220s Tuesday, Wednesday is Steering Wheel Wednesday, Thursday is 280 Thursday, and Friday is Carbon Fiber Friday!

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