BMW X6M – Custom Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel

by Rau on September 18, 2010

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Since a custom steering wheel can greatly improve the affinity for one’s vehicle and driving Freude, some repeat Rau customers take the opportunity to complement a new car with their own idea of a perfect steering wheel.

In this case the customer had previously purchased two steering wheels from us, a piano black wheel with mother of pearl inlays for his F-250 and a piano black with custom graphics for his Harley Davidson F-150.

This time he had his sights set on a new Escalade and inquired about a wheel.  However, a few weeks later he called about the X6M and our custom wheel options, and decided to go with the ultimate driving machine from Bavaria.  We suspect our wheel options were the determining factor in his decision of vehicles.  Also, if you’ve ever had the pleasure to open up a BMW on the German autobahn without pesky speed limits, you know why it’s a fitting slogan.

Custom carbon fiber BMW X6M steering wheel

While the X6M is BMW’s luxury line, this client decided on some additional customizing and sprucing up.  He ordered all sorts of accessories from Germany - body kit, stereo system, etc., leaving the car at his dealership for about two months while all the components for customizing were being assembled.

This was a good thing, giving us time to go to work on his wheel.  With his orientation to detail one could have thought he was a German engineer, he had quite a few requests and the job required more attention than usual.

The X6M wheel grip and profile are larger than most other vehicles and looks particularly brawny in carbon fiber to the delight of our custom. (“Look at that Bad Boy!”)

The client wanted to match the weave of the carbon fiber closely to the textured leather interior.  So we sent him various samples of common weaves, a plain weave and 2x2 twill, the latter was a good match.

Lastly, he requested to add graphics to the wheel.  There are three different colored threads used to stitch the X6M steering wheel and he wanted to key the graphics to a light blue thread color. A custom color was mixed to match the thread .

We created various mockups in Photoshop and after numerous changes and emails back and forth he approved the particular graphics.

At that point we had all our ducks in a row and the shop could get to work.  In spite of the detailed requests, the turnaround was about three weeks with all specs getting approved.

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What’s the point of having a custom wheel if you can’t get every detail the way you want it.  Yes, it takes a bit more work, but considering the added enjoyment to your driving experience, we think it’s worth our effort – and yours.

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