Custom Steering Wheels for the New 2013 Range Rover (video)

by Rau on January 29, 2013

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2013 Range Rover piano black

2013 Range Rover piano black

The 2013 Range Rover has been released into the wild, and enthusiasts love the redesign. The vehicle has only been on the showroom floor a few months, and someone already sent us a steering wheel to customize. Seeing how it’s our first time working on this redesigned wheel, we thought it deserved its own blog post.

This new steering wheel may look different from the steering wheel used on the full size Range Rovers since 2003, but they are quite similar. The electronics and airbag have been redesigned, the grip is slightly smaller, but beyond that there aren’t that many differences. Before we could customize this wheel we needed to inspect the heating wires.


All of the leather needed to removed in order for us to inspect the heating wires, in order to properly reconfigure the heating wires while maintaining the original ohm resistance. After that, wood was attached on the top and bottom of the wheel, grand black finish was applied, and the leather was re-stitched. Finally the wheel was polished and photographed. We can do this for any factory finish offered in the 2013 Range Rover (grand black, figured macassar, and shadow walnut). What if you want a wood that isn’t dark and depressing?

Land Rover decided that they only wanted to offer three dark woods for the 2013 Range Rover, but that doesn’t mean you have to settle. As stated numerous times on this blog, our videos and our website, you can have the wood you want. What if you don’t like wood in your vehicle? We also offer carbon fiber in a variety of colors and patterns.

Many people will be driving home in new 2013 Range Rovers this year, and some of them will be driving home with custom interiors, will you be?

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To see a more complete list of the woods available please visit our Palette Page.

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