by Rau January 22, 2013

RROC National Meet – Lake Tahoe 2018

by Rau October 3, 2018

This August, we attended the RROC National Meet in Lake Tahoe. The presentation covered: Picnic Table Repairs – inherent problems revealed Steering Wheel Construction – veneer or solid lumber Steam Bending – for steering wheels and antique vehicles Refinishing Techniques – for old and new wood Left-hand Dash Conversions – techniques and advice See the […]

Celebrating 25 Years

by Rau June 6, 2017

William Rau continues to create the finest custom steering wheels.

Rolls-Royce Ghost Custom Steering Wheel by William Rau

by Rau October 17, 2013

      The Rolls-Royce Ghost is the most famous Rolls-Royce model. Every Rolls-Royce Ghost is a handmade work of art, filled with luxuries most people can only dream of, but it is possible to improve upon the work done at the Goodwood factory. A bespoke carbon fiber steering wheel is a great way to […]

Tesla Model S Custom Steering Wheel by William Rau

by Rau August 26, 2013

The Tesla Model S is an exciting vehicle, and has received many awards and accolades…

Mulsanne Steering Wheel made with Sapelli Pommele (video)

by Rau April 23, 2013

If you want a new Bentley Mulsanne with Sapelli Pommele trim, and a matching steering wheel to match, Bentley will ask you to select a different wood. That’s when you contact us, to get a wheel like this…

Rolls-Royce Custom Pre-Airbag Steering Wheel (video)

by Rau April 9, 2013

William Rau shows a custom Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit steering wheel. This steering wheel has a unique design, and is just one example of the beautiful custom pre-airbag steering wheels that have been customized by William Rau…

Rau Custom Picnic Tables (video)

by Rau April 9, 2013

Over the years, we’ve become experts in picnic table repair and fabrication, and this selection of picnic tables is a sample of the many picnic tables that we’ve created over the years…

Learn about Rolls-Royce and Bentley Picnic Tables (video)

by Rau February 4, 2013

The picnic tables found in Rolls-Royce and Bentley automobiles from the late 1950s and 1960s are beautiful, and have unique obstacles for refinishers…

Custom Steering Wheels for the New 2013 Range Rover (video)

by Rau January 29, 2013

The 2013 Range Rover has been released into the wild, and enthusiasts love the redesign. The vehicle has only been on the showroom floor a few months, and someone already sent us a steering wheel to customize. Seeing how it’s our first time working on this redesigned wheel, we thought it deserved its own blog post…

Bentley GT V8 Steering Wheel

by Rau January 29, 2013

Happy New Year! The start of the New Year brought us a new steering wheel to build. It was a wheel from the exciting new 2013 Bentley Continental GT V8…

Pearlescent Tiger Maple 2013 Range Rover Sport (video)

by Rau January 17, 2013

This 2013 Range Rover Sport interior featuring pearlescent tiger maple is far beyond what is offered from the factory. Most people don’t know you can have an interior like this. The majority of Range Rover “Enthusiasts” don’t even know you can have a custom interior, but you can!

2012 Year in Review (video)

by Rau January 2, 2013

The Year 2012 is over, and we’ve made many videos. Here’s a little review of the videos from 2012. Happy New Year from Rau.

Porsche Panamera

by Rau December 28, 2012

For the past several decades, if you wanted a Porsche sedan, you were out of luck. That changed in 2009 when Porsche introduced the Panamera at the 13th Auto Shanghai International Automobile Show in Shanghai China….

Our French Connection

by Rau December 27, 2012

To see a more complete list of the woods available please visit our Palette Page. Palette Page

Ford Raptor Steering Wheel (video)

by Rau November 6, 2012

A loyal Rau customer recently became the owner of a Ford Raptor and wanted us to customize the steering wheel and shift knobs with carbon fiber…

Damaged Wood

by Rau November 1, 2012

One day in October, we received three damaged trim pieces from three different dealerships from across the country…

Mercedes-Benz Gallery

by Rau October 16, 2012

See some of our Mercedes-Benz projects…

Rolls-Royce Gallery

by Rau October 16, 2012

Our Rolls-Royce work, both restoration and steering wheels, predates the Phantom in 2003…

Sprinter Gallery

by Rau October 16, 2012

We’ve been supplying finished woodwork to Sprinter customizers…